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So you did a good job and I enjoyed playing your Demo! At first I was a little bit confused with the Camera controller but after a few moments I got used to it. 

I'm a father and Student myself so a know your situation well. Therefore you earned my respect.

Thank you so much for the comment! You are not the only one having trouble understanding the camera controls.

Glad to see another father, since i released the demo I have actually graduated and got a full time job, so now I have even less time for game development :P

But! I'm currently refactoring all my code to make multiplayer work. So it looks like it will be a coop game in the end.

I got a bug when entering my name. What I did was typed a name then pressed Esc. When I get back to enter my name, I can’t type it anymore. The crusader sprite also duplicated when I went through the options and immediately pressed “New Game”. The game also keeps on forcing to go fullscreen even though my options in the launcher and in game are set to windowed mode with 1280x720 as the resolution. The controls are quite hard to grasp with Left and right click as the panning of the camera at the same time right click is also the key for looting items. The tutorial dialogues can be improved by showing it in front of the player instead of having it on the ground or somewhere else like when a hog attacked me, I had to go to that dialogue’s location in order for me to see how to attack the enemy.


Thanks for the feedback! Reading about your bugs makes me know exactly why they are happening actually, I just never thought about it when I programmed it... I will try to fix them until the next version.

About the controls, I have seen more people having a hard time grasping them. I think it has mostly to do with me being so used to them as i have been playing my own game for about a year now. I will definitely try to make it more user friendly, both the controls and the tutorials. The tutorials was a last minute addition to not make it super hard for new player to know what to do in the beginning.

Thank you for taking your time to write this! I greatly appreciate it!