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Devoroth is an Open World Single-Player Fantasy Role-playing game.

Set in the high fantasy world of Devoroth. The player sets out on an epic adventure to explore the world and fight off a yet unknown threat.

Following the War of the four armies, the Shurian people abandoned their homeland Soulmare. With the largest fleet in all of Devoroth, they set sail east towards unknown lands. No one has heard from them in 8 years. Now strange things have started happening in Devoroth, originating in Soulmare. You wake up on an island unknown how you got there or who you are.


Epic story
Learn of an emerging enemy threatening Devoroth where story and lore is delivered through old-school text dialogue.

Discover the open world of Devoroth with all its secrets and lore.
Equipment, weapon, and experience can also be obtained by exploration.

Tab-targeting Combat
Fight your foes using a tab-targeting combat system inspired by the most popular old-school RPG’s.

Role-playing game
Customize your character through equipment, spells, and classes.

Optimize your characters 14 stats such as critical-strike chance, magic resistance, and health regeneration
by modifying your 5 main attributes Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Constitution, and Willpower.

Explore the world of Devoroth and find crafting material to craft new equipment to earn experience to be able to take on harder challenges.


You can get a glimpse of what the development has looked like in this video:

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Demo available April 24.


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