Devoroth Demo Version 1.0.1 release notes

Devoroth Demo Version 1.0.1 release notes

What’s New

  • Added mouse sensitivity options
  • The intro cut-scene can no be skipped by holding ‘Esc’
  • On death, the player no longer spawns on abandoned village obelisk before level 3
  • Tweaked the day/night cycle, making the nightfall and dawn slower and also slightly increased night time.
  • Reworked the tutorials for a better experience

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed - When window mode is selected in the Unity launcher, stay in window mode. (The game still changes resolution.)
  • Fixed - Pots can no longer be used when dead.
  • Fixed - The player can no longer craft more inventory slots when the inventory is maxed out
  • Fixed - Bug where loading with Light's retribution effect active caused an error.
  • Fixed - Bug where a light shard is consumed on a regular class point.
  • Fixed - Bug where casting a spell removed an item spell effect.
  • Fixed - Bug where turning in plans did not remove the plan from the inventory
  • Fixed - Bug where the swimming animation was not playing while auto-attacking was enabled
  • Fixed - Bug where the player could move while sleeping
  • Fixed - Bug when pressing ‘Esc’ while in new game character creation scene, then enters the new game scene again loads multiple scenes.

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Apr 30, 2020

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